Installation view during performance   De Anima  RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne 2014-2015  Photos: Tobias Titz

De Anima

De Anima

Drawing upon Andrew’s extensive personal archive of home movies, war propaganda, ecological and pseudoanthropological films, De Anima combines and recombines these images with newly shot footage that creates a theatre of sensations: of light, of sound, of image, of images that we feel.
De Anima references one of the great philosophical treatises, Aristotle’s “On The Soul”, in which the soul is considered to be the essence of every living thing (rather than simply belonging to human subjects). Andrew interprets this as a call to consider our responsibility to the life around us in all its myriad forms. We must consider, the artist says, “that humanity is essentially doomed if it sticks to its current course.” In asking us to experience the world “as the eyes in a forest might”, Andrew shows us a way that we might embrace our interconnected place in the world, and consider a new worldview.

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Catalyst: Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission in partnership with NETS Victoria, The Cinemas Project, RMIT Design Hub and Bendigo Art Gallery. De Anima is associated to  RECHARGE: the Experimenta 6th International Biennial of Media Art tour 2015.

De Anima, 2014. Three channel video installation with performance by Mama Alto and Justin Shoulder (also featured in the film De Anima), musical score by Theordore Wohng. Presented at RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne. 2014-2015.