In Vision of Nuance: Systems of Exposure

Vision of Nuance: Systems of Exposure

In Vision of Nuance: Systems of Exposure, 2019, is a site-specific installation for Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition - Now is the Time: 2019, China.

“The work imagines new spatial and bodily interactions with the past, to transform the present and expose an alternative future. Reconceiving how First Nations and other artworks and objects are valued and presented in public and private collections, the work is an immersive installation within a traditional rice granary in Wuzhen.
The large-scale work includes neon elements, a collection of original and replica First Nations and Chinese traditional artefacts, traditional wood cabinets from Wuzhen, a floor painting and audio soundtrack.“ -
from the artist statement.

This project is generously funded with the support of The Australia Council for the Arts, MADA Monash University and Art Wuzhen.

photo credit: @Art Wuzhen

In Vision of Nuance: Systems of Exposure for Now is the Time: 2019 Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition curated by Feng Boyi, Wang Xiaosong and Liu Gang; Wuzhen, China
March 31 - June 30, 2019