What's left behind – a Visual Essay #LIVESOFOBJECTS

What's left behind – a visual essay is part of Allegra Lab project #LIVESOFOBJECTS

The four visual pages of this visual essay represent a small archived section of the artist’s extensive printed matter archive. This representation demonstrates an experimental processes of covering certain scenes and portraits with coloured shapes. The coloured shapes are a metaphor that hide aspects of the images that are sensitive to First Nation Australians and proposes other images that could also be covered under a First Nations philosophy of looking at images. This process was developed in collaboration with Maxine Briggs, Aboriginal librarian at the State Library of Victoria, Australia, and further presented in the collaborative publication Dual/Duel between artist/printer Trent Walter and Brook Andrew. Dual/Duel, published 2018 through The State Library of Victoria and Georges Mora Fellowship.

What's left behind – A Visual Essay was published on September 19, 2018