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Image:  Into the Fire 2019  (detail), oil pastel, acrylic paint, paper, glue, wood and pencil.

Image: Into the Fire 2019 (detail), oil pastel, acrylic paint, paper, glue, wood and pencil.

Article by Andrew Stephens published on The Sydney Morning Herald.
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“'Should we cover it up?' Brook Andrew dares us to confront a troubled past.
The artist's latest show builds on layers of history and human thought.”


publication of “Encounters with Legacy Images: Decolonising and Re-imagining Photographic Evidence from the Colonial Archive” by Brook Andrew & Jessica Neathon, on the journal “History of Photography, Volume 42, 2018 - Issue 3: Indigenous Photographies”.
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“By way of a dialogue between the two authors – an artist and an art historian – this article reflects on the artistic method of repurposing the colonial archive, in particular the vast collection of photographs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Important contexts for this work include the international practice, established in the 1990s amongst artists, communities, and museums, of addressing
hidden histories of war and genocide in the public sphere.”


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Publication of “Representation, remembrance and the memorial”, an article written by Brook Andrew, Jessica Neath, Corina Marino, Jock Gilbert, Christine Phillips and Carroll Go-Sam, on “Landscape Architecture Australia”, Issue 161, February 2019. Link here

“The RR.Memorial Forum, held in June this year, explored the future of memorials in Australia to the Frontier Wars.
A series of Indigenous-led design charrettes revealed the possibilities and challenges involved in creating places of healing…”

Image: Habitat II , 2017 red gum and Sapele timber, glass, steel and oil pastel 214 × 140 × 140cm

Image:Habitat II, 2017
red gum and Sapele timber, glass, steel and oil pastel
214 × 140 × 140cm

group exhibition

Brook Andrew: Room B for Adelaide Festival 2019

Exhibition dates: 15 February – 5 April 2019
Festival dates: 1 – 17 March 2019
Samstag Museum
Adelaide, Australia

Brook Andrew appointed Artistic Director of 22nd Biennale of Sydney (2020)

Appointed 20 June 2018
Sydney, Australia

“The Biennale of Sydney plays an indispensable role in Australia’s engagement with the world, and a meaningful role in the life of the nation...Brook Andrew’s commitment to alternative narratives and new understandings of historical legacies will further strengthen the Biennale’s commitment to the rich, diverse communities it serves, nationally and globally.”


Advance Arts Award 2018

18 October 2018
Sydney, Australia

Brook Andrew was awarded the Advance Award in 2018. The Advance Awards celebrate international Australians who exhibit remarkable talent, exceptional vision and ambition. The Awards are the only of their kind to recognise the contributions of the one million Australians living abroad, and those who have returned home. Read more here

Image: Screencapture from the online essay

Image: Screencapture from the online essay


What's Left Behind – A Visual Essay #LIVESOFOBJECTS

9 September 2018
Allega Lab

To view and interact with the essay, click here.


Solo exhibition

"The spherical shape references ancient European and Indigenous depictions of time travel and healing. Israeli physicist Amos Ori designed a time machine in this shape and similarly the form comes from a story that speaks of Aboriginal magic trees that form circle shapes in their branches and are in fact time-travelling objects." Read more here.

1 July 2018 – June 2019
Melbourne Recital Centre
Melbourne, Australia